Application for the Plan

Each of our group companies have a different domain.

Do we need to create an account for each of them?

Can we use your services through a leading distributor?

The free trial

What is required to register with you?
Can we have more than one account for the same company to use the free trial?
Can we set it advertisement-free?
We want to conduct training using different templates of emails,

but can we send only one email?

Fee structure/payment

Is it possible to send any number of emails outside of the normal plan?
How can we pay for the subscription?
After you issue a quote/invoice, within how many days do we need to pay?
Please tell us your bank account details.
Can we use the subscription-based plan for a short-term such as a month?
If we change from the standard plan to the enterprise plan 3 months after

we start the standard plan (with 3 months still remaining),

what will be the contract period and how much do we need to pay?

How do you charge after the first 6 months?


How can we cancel the subscription?
Will the contract be terminated if we do not conduct any training

after the expiry of the contract period?

Do you hold a CYAS seminar or other presentation meetings?

Operating environment

What's the operating environment required to use your services?
Tell us the operating environment supported?


Can you customise your services?
Are the data backed up?
What kind of services are the "Cyber Attack Simulator" (CYAS) - the cloud-based

defence training services against targeted attack emails?

Receiving emails

Training emails go to the junk folder. How can we ensure they go to the inbox?
Our anti-spam filter also rejects training emails.
Is there any way we can see if simulated targeted emails are opened or not?
If the recipient list includes a mailing list, what would happen?
If we arrange incoming emails to be forwarded to other email addresses,

what would happen?


Can we edit an email title, message, and training content on the standard plan?
Even if an attached file is opened, is it true that a beacon does not respond unless

we enable editing?

Even when a URL is not clicked, the result shows opened.

Can we count only those who have actually accessed the URL?


Can a beacon tell if an email has been deleted without clicking the link in there or

if it has been just left in the inbox unopened"?

What is the beaconing period?


We are concerned if our personal information such as

email address is managed properly.

Which service infrastructure have you adopted for your services?
Are data encrypted when transmitted to the control screen?
Do you check your customer's training content and the result?